About us

Profagrotrans is one of the leading companies in oversized cargo transportation market, offering its customers the most favorable terms and conditions for the delivery of heavy and non-standard cargo – both in Ukraine and abroad – with all necessary documents provided. For more than 5 years of our work, we have proved to be a reliable partner for hundreds of our regular customers.

The services provided by LLC Profagrotrans include careful planning and examination of routes, obtaining all necessary admissions and special permits, transportation of oversized and heavy cargo, organization of pilot car escort, police escort and security car escort.

The company regularly receives annual European permits for the transportation of goods of certain sizes for many of its vehicles. Thus, if a cargo meets the specified requirements, the period from the filling the application by a customer to the actual transportation of goods is significantly reduced.

The company also has an office in Germany – this is why we can get new permits quickly.

Over the years of our work in the industry of oversized cargo transportation, we have developed an effective technology for mutually beneficial cooperation with our customers and have established ourselves as a reliable partner on oversized cargo transportation market.

Vehicle fleet

 We have all the necessary equipment and extensive experience, which is why we can deliver even the most complex cargo using the optimal routes.

The company’s vehicle fleet consists of 25 modern trucks. In 2019 it will grow by 20% due to 6 new MAN trucks that we purchase.

Regular replenishment of the vehicle fleet allows us to quickly respond to customer requests and deliver a wide range of services for the transportation of various types of non-standard goods.

If your non-standard or heavy cargo can be technically transported by road, our company will surely find an optimal way to do the job.