Transport of Agricultural Machinery from Europe to Ukraine

Transport of agricultural machinery from Europe to Ukraine is one of the most demanded services in the field of oversized transportation, since Ukrainian regions are traditionally focused on the agricultural sector. Long-standing cooperation with manufacturers has helped us study thoroughly the agricultural equipment acceptable for transportation.

For transportation of such equipment, ProfAgroTrans uses both low-bed semi-trailers like “Jumbo” with arches for agricultural machinery wheels, and low-bed trailers with a loading platform height of 0.50 – 0.60 m. Trailers with a loading platform height of 0.90 – 1.00 m, which extend from 10.0 m in the folded state to the maximum of 21.0 m., are also available.

Agricultural machinery is usually not as heavy as other types of machinery, for example, construction equipment. It means that trailers with a lifting capacity of up to 40.0 tons are enough to transport it. Special light-alloy ramps are used to move vehicles onto the platform. Or, it can be a low-bed semi-trailer of the “bracket” type, and the machinery gets up there via detachable part of the trawl on the front.

One feature of agricultural machinery is a presence of supplements. This means that when transporting such goods, not only its weight and dimensions should be taken into consideration, but also whether it is possible to place the attachments on the same platform. It affects the final cost of services for the client. We will help you save your money – our experts will choose the most cost-effective way to transport your agricultural equipment.

We offer transport of agricultural machinery from Ukraine to Europe and vice versa:

  • Tillage machinery (deep tiller, packing wheel, disk tiller, plow)
  • Sowing units
  • Forage harvesters
  • Beet harvesters
  • Trailers
  • Tractors.

Planning the best route

The main principle of any transportation is safety. The equipment is properly secured to the trailer. The route is planned on public roads, taking into account the height of the power lines. If possible, we avoid narrow roads and bridges to eliminate all possible risks.



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The company has an office in Germany so we can get new permits quickly. We also regularly receive annual European permits for the transportation of goods of certain sizes for many of our vehicles. Thus, if a cargo meets the specified requirements, the period from the filling the application by a customer to the actual transportation of goods is significantly reduced

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