Transport of Oversized Equipment and Machinery

Profagrotrans company is engaged in transport of oversized equipment and machinery from Europe to Ukraine, and from Ukraine to Europe. We provide the service on a turn-key basis.

For transportation of oversized equipment, structures and machinery, company uses various trailers for different types of cargo. These can be open platforms of container ships, semi-trailers like “Jumbo”, special trailers equipped with necessary attachments (ramps for backing of vehicles, mechanism for disconnecting the front of the trailer so vehicles get up from the ground, special equipment and mechanisms for loading and unloading , attachment of transported cargo, etc.).

We take into account its geometric dimensions and weight characteristics when selecting a vehicle for your goods. Accurate calculation is an important component of successful transportation. We value our customers, and professionals of Profagrotrans strive to optimize the balance between the reliability of transportation and its price.

Company also has an office in Germany, so we can quickly issue a permit for transportation.

Abnormal equipment and machinery delivery from Europe to Ukraine

Profagrotrans offers services for the oversize transportation of any complexity, namely:

  • Agricultural machinery – tractors, sprayers, combines, drills, pumps, cultivators, harrows and reapers
  • Construction equipment – stone crushers, concrete mixers, cranes, excavators, bulldozers, rollers, BelAZ, drilling rigs, asphalt pavers, etc.
  • Large metal structures
  • Transporter trains, pipes, drills, etc.
  • Industrial equipment – turbines, crushers, screens, reactors, machines, boilers, tanks
  • Sea transport – powerboats, boats, yachts
  • Military equipment – armored personnel vehicles, armored assault vehicles, infantry fighting vehicles.

Why should you choose us?

If you want to make it easier on yourself, save your time and money when transporting oversize, it is best to put your trust in the specialists. Our company’s services include:

  • Registration of transportation permits without an actual participation of the customer
  • Approval of delivery dates, route, equipment, and security
  • Coordination of the route with the National Police
  • Selection of optimal transport.
  • Constant movement control.

Our drivers have extensive work experience; have passed the qualification test, and committed to their work. All we need to know to get started is the place where to pick up the oversize and where to deliver it.



During more than 5 years of our work, we have proved to be a reliable partner for hundreds of our regular customers

GPS Tracking

The company's vehicle fleet consists of 25 modern trucks. You can track the car assigned to your goods and check where it is with GPS tracking. Our logistics managers and truck drivers are available at all times

All Permissions

The company has an office in Germany so we can get new permits quickly. We also regularly receive annual European permits for the transportation of goods of certain sizes for many of our vehicles. Thus, if a cargo meets the specified requirements, the period from the filling the application by a customer to the actual transportation of goods is significantly reduced

5 Years Of Experience

Over the years of our work in transportation industry, we have gained experience and learned many solutions for transporting all types of oversized cargo. We are ready to offer you our ready turn-key solutions

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