Oversized and Heavy Cargo Delivery from Europe to Ukraine

Profagrotrans has been providing the services for oversized cargo delivery from Europe to Ukraine and oversized cargo delivery from Ukraine to Europe for many years, offering transportation of cargo with weight of 40.0 – 70.0 tons.

In order to deliver such type of transportation services, our company uses only specialized automobile trailers featuring technical characteristics and design which enable not only to transport bulky cargo in a safe manner, but also to minimize the damage to the roadway, which, in turn, leads to a decreased cost of transportation itself. The safety and reliability of the transportation of oversized specialized machinery is ensured by the use of road trains with different length and width of the platforms, high entry angle and a low loading height.

Load weight is a factor that has a fundamental importance in Europe. If it exceeds 60 tons, the additional inspection of civil engineering structures all along the route will be required in almost all countries. No need to say that this will increase the cost of transportation and require more permissive documentation to be prepared.

This type of transportation also includes many types of project cargoes – one of the most difficult types of cargo transportation, which may require disconnection, lifting and even dismantling of power lines or even changes of landscape. This kind of transportation is so difficult because the project requires a detailed plan since each meter of the route determines the amount of financial losses and the result of the transportation itself.

The company taking responsibility for transportation has to ensure the reliability of oversized cargo delivery. Our company’s tight cooperation with enterprises authorized to inspect transportation routes and issue special permits for heavy truckloads makes it possible to adequately evaluate the possibility, timing and all the expenses of such transportation. Our office in Germany makes it possible to organize transportation of oversized cargo from Europe to Ukraine and back in the shortest possible time and with all permits necessary. We can offer the escort of heavy-lift transport with pilot vehicles and, if necessary, with police cars or security guards all the way through cargo transportation route.


During more than 5 years of our work, we have proved to be a reliable partner for hundreds of our regular customers

GPS Tracking

The company's vehicle fleet consists of 25 modern trucks. You can track the car assigned to your goods and check where it is with GPS tracking. Our logistics managers and truck drivers are available at all times

All Permissions

The company has an office in Germany so we can get new permits quickly. We also regularly receive annual European permits for the transportation of goods of certain sizes for many of our vehicles. Thus, if a cargo meets the specified requirements, the period from the filling the application by a customer to the actual transportation of goods is significantly reduced

5 Years Of Experience

Over the years of our work in transportation industry, we have gained experience and learned many solutions for transporting all types of oversized cargo. We are ready to offer you our ready turn-key solutions

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