Boat and Yacht Transport from Europe to Ukraine

If you have bought your own vessel in Europe and now need boat and yacht transport from Europe to Ukraine, contact Profagrotrans. The best option in this case is the delivery by land transport. Our specialists are familiar with the intricacies of delivering oversized cargo. With Profagrotrans, boat and yacht shipping from Europe to Ukraine will take a minimum of time, and your valuable cargo will arrive intact.

Company has an office in Germany, which will help obtain all permits to spare your time. Cooperating with us will help you avoid any difficulties with the police and customs services. You have spent enough money to buy a modern costly craft, so let us help you save on its delivery.

Arranging a delivery

It is difficult to name the definite price for transporting floating crafts, since much depends on its specific type. Most yachts are equipped with masts, navigation equipment, captain bridges, and this determines their height, and, consequently, the transportation cost. These dimensions can make transportation process really challenging. When building a route, we take into account all the details and choose the best possible option.

Delivery with Profagrotrans works in the following way:

  • Our documentationer will take measurements of the yacht or boat
  • On the basis of this data a transport and a platform for delivery from Europe will be chosen
  • A formal contract, specifying the delivery dates and the final cost will be signed with the customer
  • Experts build the best route, prepare permits for the import of a vessel from Europe
  • The cargo is delivered to the place specified by the customer
  • The object is handed over to the client, the payment is arranged by the customer.

Yachts and boats are expensive and fragile cargo, the design of which is intended for uniform pressure on the hull in the state of immersion in water, which means that any impact on the vessel should be precisely calculated.

We have our own vehicle fleet, fit for the boat and yacht delivery from Ukraine to European countries and from Europe to Ukraine and Moldova, as well as necessary fastening equipment that guarantees the protection of the gelcoat and chrome surfaces of the vessel. This allows you to professionally secure and transport expensive cargo.

Each truck of Profagrotrans can be tracked and monitored via GPS. We provide guarantees to our customers, because we understand that even the slightest scratch on the hull can reduce the cost of a boat or yacht and lead to costly repairs.


During more than 5 years of our work, we have proved to be a reliable partner for hundreds of our regular customers

GPS Tracking

The company's vehicle fleet consists of 25 modern trucks. You can track the car assigned to your goods and check where it is with GPS tracking. Our logistics managers and truck drivers are available at all times

All Permissions

The company has an office in Germany so we can get new permits quickly. We also regularly receive annual European permits for the transportation of goods of certain sizes for many of our vehicles. Thus, if a cargo meets the specified requirements, the period from the filling the application by a customer to the actual transportation of goods is significantly reduced

5 Years Of Experience

Over the years of our work in transportation industry, we have gained experience and learned many solutions for transporting all types of oversized cargo. We are ready to offer you our ready turn-key solutions

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