Transportation of Construction Equipment from Europe to Ukraine

The construction of roads, houses, stadiums, entire towns and cities, and other unique projects of yours requires the help of iron monsters of construction equipment. Each unit of construction equipment, such as bulldozers, drilling rigs, cranes, excavators, loaders, asphalt pavers, etc., are designed for the professional performance of their tasks.

The movement of such construction equipment between work projects in most cases is impossible without the help of specialized transport. We have such transport – special platforms for transportation of construction equipment from Europe to Ukraine. The professionalism and experience of the company’s employees will help you calculate and plan the relocation of any oversized and heavy equipment for your future or current construction projects.

Our transportation company specializes in delivery of oversized goods, including delivery of construction equipment from Ukraine to Europe and from Europe to Ukraine and Moldova. We have our own fleet, which currently consists of 25 towing vehicles and trailers. In 2019 it will increase by twenty percent as we are going to purchase six new MAN trucks. Since Profagrotrans is a full-cycle company, we solve all tasks related to the equipment delivery from Europe to Ukraine and from Ukraine to Europe.

What construction equipment do we transport?

You can contact us for the transportation of:

  • Excavators
  • Loaders
  • Drilling machines
  • Manipulators
  • Bulldozers
  • Rollers
  • Cranes
  • Graders
  • Stone crushers, and other construction equipment.

We have enough resources to transport any used or new construction equipment. We carry out delivery from Europe to construction sites and other locations specified by the customer, both to Ukraine and abroad, and choose the best route to deliver your equipment as quickly and safely as possible. You will be able to monitor the delivery via GPS tracking.


During more than 5 years of our work, we have proved to be a reliable partner for hundreds of our regular customers

GPS Tracking

The company's vehicle fleet consists of 25 modern trucks. You can track the car assigned to your goods and check where it is with GPS tracking. Our logistics managers and truck drivers are available at all times

All Permissions

The company has an office in Germany so we can get new permits quickly. We also regularly receive annual European permits for the transportation of goods of certain sizes for many of our vehicles. Thus, if a cargo meets the specified requirements, the period from the filling the application by a customer to the actual transportation of goods is significantly reduced

5 Years Of Experience

Over the years of our work in transportation industry, we have gained experience and learned many solutions for transporting all types of oversized cargo. We are ready to offer you our ready turn-key solutions

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